Did you know that over 3.5 billion birthday cards get sent every year?

Even as this is so, often girls leave out guys in the dust. A birthday party is an exciting and memorable activity for all, but what’s a girl got to do when she wants to throw a fun bash for her babe?

If you’re looking for exciting adult birthday ideas for your man’s coming birthday, you’ve come to the right place.

Below are some of the 10 interesting adult birthday ideas you can choose from to make this birthday one for the books.

Without further ado, here are the 10 ideas.

1. Arrange for a Casino-Themed Party

If your man is into themed party ideas, holding a casino-themed birthday party will really impress him. In this entertaining theme, you can have cocktails, several tables of casino games and casino-inspired palette to match the theme.

Go creative and make decorative treats like heart-shaped cookies.

2. Do Karaoke Night

There’s nothing more fun than belting out favorite jams with friends. Karaoke nights are among those party ideas for adults you can enjoy from your local bar.

But if you’re not up for spending, you can buy the setups to enjoy karaoke from the comfort of your home. You can get karaoke setups online at affordable prices or at local rentals.

You should also really consider having a few drinks around to help bring out the singers in everyone.

3. Hold a Foodies Party

For such a party, you’ll set up several mini kitchen tables where all interested guests can all cook together. At the end of it, people will enjoy each other’s dishes while having a good time. You can have the cooking session in your lawn or you could book one for the day.

You should also consider booking for catering services to help reduce the hassles.

4. Hold a Gaming Tournament

Does the birthday boy enjoy sports and games activities? If so, arrange for him a gaming party he won’t forget. You can set for a variety of games including video games, board games, and outdoor activities

Just make sure to choose games that are easy to play and engaging too. You could also decorate the house with his favorite gaming posters and include plenty of gaming snacks too for guest to munch on as they have fun.

5. Go for Paintballing

Paintball is one of those social and engaging games both children and adults can enjoy. All that running around in the woods, hiding, shooting opponents and getting shot at will help relieve his childhood moments. This can make a perfect 20th or 30th birthday party idea for men.

6. Hold a Beer Bash

If the man of the day is a beer drinker, holding a beer tasting party may just be the best day you’ve ever given him.

You can design it to be the sort of bash where people can enjoy games, activities, and anything else while surrounded by the beer theme. Head out to your local liquor store and get different types of beers to everyone’s liking.

This could also be a great time to have a themed food and dessert menu. Don’t let the party stop there; you could also arrange for a beer pong game later to add more fun to the party.

7. Have a Movie Marathon

Here’s an inexpensive and fun way to gather friends and family to indulge in one of the most enjoyable pastimes- watching movies.

All you’ve got to do is put together some few of the latest movies and set a playlist in readiness. To make it more exciting, you could even theme it into a Hollywood drive-in diner setting in your backyard.

In such adult party themes, don’t forget to prepare some light snacks like tacos, crisps, and popcorns to go with it. You can also add a few drinks to light up the mood.

8. Go for an Adventure

Is your man the outgoing kind of person?

If he is, use his birthday occasion as an excuse to plan for an adventure outing. Make sure to invite a few of his close friends and family and to schedule for the activities. While planning for this party idea, also take into consideration the seasonality to avoid postponements and holdbacks.

9. Plan a Surprise Birthday Party

Planning a surprise can be lots of fun if you can focus on the unexpected care instead of the jump scare. There are several ways you could surprise your man. You could either surprise the birthday boy with his old-time friends or by gifting him a dream gift.

If you choose to invite guests, make sure to decorate the venue in their favorite colors and don’t forget to include all their favorite dishes on the menu. Also, let all guests know from the beginning that the party is a surprise.

10. Plan for a Backyard BBQ

A backyard BBQ is the perfect fitting birthday party idea for any male figure in your life. You can make the planning simpler by serving up dishes like burgers, hot dogs, along with all other BBQ essentials. And since the event is in the outdoors, you can use up less party décor.

Lastly, make sure to send out the BBQ invitations early so that the guests can prepare for it in advance.

Get Inspired with These Adult Birthday Ideas

Now that you’re aware of the different adult birthday ideas you can use, it’s time to start implementing them. Choose one and have the party details planned, then sit back and enjoy the day. Make sure to enjoy it and to spend as much time with your loved ones.

Also, remember to take as many pictures as you possibly can. Believe you; you’ll want to remember such moments for years to come.

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