High staff morale is an important factor in the success of a company and can even increase profits. There are many ways to improve the happiness and productivity of your staff but we’re going to focus on the most enjoyable one.

A good party.

Putting effort and care into throwing a corporate party helps show attendees how much they’re valued. But we’re all aware of those dull corporate events that we shuffle into for an hour before sneaking out. Nobody wants another of those.

With these 10 event themes, your corporate party will be the talk of the office before and after. By choosing a theme, everyone can put their work aside for once and throw themselves into an event that’s all about fun.

1. Casino Royale

Who doesn’t love getting dressed up in a tux or a beautiful dress? A Casino Royale theme is the perfect blend of theme and elegance and is easy to nail.

The dress code can be pure glitz and glamour with this James Bond theme, and it’s easy to put on fun card games with no money or gambling required. Decorate your venue space with black and red fabrics and get giant novelty playing cards to hang up along the walls.

Work with your chosen venue to create a complimentary cocktail menu and perhaps they’ll even knock you up a Vespa Martini straight out of the movie. Whiskey, scotch, and a couple of mocktail choices will be the icing on this casino cake.

2. Grease

A classic film that has a place in everybody’s hearts, a Grease theme is a brilliant corporate party idea. Attendees will have great fun dressing up as the characters, and with classic American food, catering will be a breeze.

Theme colors can be swathes of pink and black with a Rydell High banner and plenty of LPs hanging on the walls. Make a Frosty Palace corner where ice cream and milkshakes can be served for dessert.

3. Sports Day

There’s so much room for fun with sport themed corporate events that it’s impossible to choose a variation. So why not include any and every sport? Each guest must turn up dressed in sports fan attire or athlete fancy dress, and the range of choice helps appeal to everyone.

Venue decoration is a piece of cake with a sports theme too. Hang team banners, retro sporting equipment, and giant scoreboards from the walls. If you fancy including some games, you could have a basketball hoop or mini-golf.

Food is easy with classic hotdogs, burgers, and chicken wings.

4. Sci-Fi

One of the weirder corporate event ideas, a sci-fi theme can have lots of interpretations, and it’ll be hilarious to see what your attendees come up with. From aliens to Star Trek, there’ll be tons of variation.

Space-themed decorations are easy to create with Roswell signs, alien posters, and lots of silver. Why silver? Not sure, but it’s a recurring color in sci-fi!

Food will take a little imagination but you could go wild with green-dyed cakes, sparkling icing, and a good few crazy-looking cocktails.

5. Geeks

There aren’t enough places where you can get your geek on so a geek-themed party will be a sure winner. From Harry Potter and the Big Bang Theory outfits to Thunderbirds and the classic braces and glasses look, everyone is sure to join in.

Geeky movie posters make great decorations and retro computer and arcade games are brilliant entertainment. Board games are another easy way to win over attendees and bring out a bit of competition.

6. Jungle Explorers

Everyone has a little Indiana Jones in them, and a jungle explorer theme is the best way to embrace it. Use potted plants to create a vibrant, green atmosphere with toy snakes and plastic spiders to hang from plants, chairs, and lights.

Arrange exotic flowers on the tables with green table cloths and serve cuisine from tropical countries. A fun way to integrate the theme with a game is by creating a treasure hunt. Hide a big-ticket gift card and create a series of clues that lead guests on a head-scratching journey with riddles and hints.

7. Remember the 80s?

Take your attendees back in time to the 80s when colors were in-your-face and hairstyles were out of control. The 80s is the perfect time for working age professionals as it’s recent enough for many to remember and far enough to be nostalgic.

Set up a pumping 80s playlist full of mixtape songs, and decorate the venue with wild block colors and neon. Gift everyone a Rubik’s cube and you’ll soon find that phones are in bags and matching cube sides begin to appear.

8. Ocean Party

Everybody loves the beach, but we’re talking about an ocean theme. The dress code can be ‘under the sea’ which will stretch your attendees’ imaginations and bring out their playful creativity.

Decorations are easy with shimmery blue fabrics, boats, and sea shells. Seafood courses will be spot on here, and crispy seaweed is amazingly delicious. Blue cocktails and shell-shaped cakes can be the finishing touches.

9. Disney

Deep down, everyone has a secret (or not so secret) favorite Disney character. With costumes fun to make or easy to buy, guests can have a full range of choices from Cinderella or Jafar to Buzz Lightyear or Minnie Mouse.

Disney posters jazz up the walls and a themed quiz will have guests racking their brains to remember what the fish was called in the Little Mermaid.

10. Fire and Ice

A little more abstract, this theme is bound to have your attendees dressing up in unique outfits. Balance the decoration with reds and oranges over half the room and whites and silvers on the other half.

Fiery, spicy food is a great option and, of course, there’ll be ice cream to finish. Flaming cocktails are a fun way of combing the fire and ice themes, and an ice sculpture could be the perfect display piece.

Ignite Your Corporate Party with These Event Themes

The key to great event themes at corporate parties is to keep them flexible enough to appeal to everyone but focused enough to have a clear impact. The effort you put in will be clear, and guests will appreciate the time you’ve taken in providing an entertaining and memorable night.

If you’re looking for a San Antonio venue for your corporate party, contact us and we’d love to help you out.