Whether you are sticking to New Year’s Resolutions or trying to turn over a new leaf, a healthy diet may lead to some adjustments in the way you eat, drink, and enjoy a night out.  That’s just the way it is.  Suck it up, buddy.  Either way, switching to salads once a week may not help you reach every goal you have, but any and every food and drink choice can affect your diet and overall health.  Drinking whiskey is no exception.

Dieters and health-conscious drinkers may be surprised, however, to know that while many alcoholic drinks have negative effects on your health, others have many positive benefits – like whiskey.  Whiskey may be able to boost your health and prevent diseases, like a stroke or possibly even cancer. So pour yourself a shot of your favorite brand (preferably Maverick) and read up on the many surprising health benefits of whiskey.

Note: Any type of alcohol should be consumed responsibly and in moderation

#10 Whiskey can help you kick back and relax

We already know one benefit of whiskey (and other types of alcohol.) A nice glass of whiskey can help to reduce stress and even sedate us for a bit, or, in other words, whiskey is a de-stresser.  Stress reduction has a significant impact on overall health; our emotions lead to chemical reactions in the brain that can affect the rest of our body. Too much stress over a long period of time can manifest in physical symptoms like heart disease or stroke. Put your feet up and release your worries with a nice glass of whiskey.

#9 Whiskey can help you cut down on carbs

Many claim that whiskey can help drinkers shed a few pounds. Like many other spirits, whiskey is a low-carb drink; 100 grams of this great drink contains only 0.1 carbohydrates. Compare that to 100 grams of beer (3.6 carbohydrates,) wine (2.7 carbohydrates,) or sake (5 grams).  Drinkers who are looking to cut down on carbs should reach for a whiskey over a beer (mind you, over beer as in instead of…doesn’t reduce carbs if you simply ADD drinking whiskey to your beer diet…)

#8 Whiskey can help reduce your risk of cancer

Studies have shown that single malt whiskey has a high level of ellagic acid (the same amount, or more so, than a glass of red wine) and ellagic acid is a naturally occurring antioxidant that helps to eliminate free radicals and rogue cells in the body that could cause different types of cancers. If you are eating healthy fruits for their antioxidants, you can also slip in a drink or two of whiskey for the same reason.

#7 Whiskey can help reduce your risk of dementia and similar diseases

The ellagic acid in whiskey does more than just prevent cancer. Studies have shown that 1-6 glasses of whiskey a week can also reduce your risk of dementia or Alzheimer’s, and may be more effective than cutting out alcohol completely. Whiskey can improve cognitive function, but only when it is consumed in moderation.

#6 Whiskey can help to boost your memory

In addition to preventing dementia and Alzheimer’s, whiskey can increase blood flow to the brain. By helping the brain function, you can improve your memory with a glass of whiskey a day. (A few too many glasses of whiskey, however, may not be so helpful – don’t forget the night with too much alcohol!)  #beResponsibleLikeSam

#5 Whiskey can boost heart health and reduce your risk of having a stroke

Want a strong heart? Pour yourself a shot of whiskey. The antioxidants in whiskey also work to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in your blood vessels and arteries, preventing buildups and blockages that are threatening to your health. Ischemic strokes are caused by blood clots, but with whiskey’s blood thinning properties, your risk goes down.

#4 Whiskey is a sugar-free drink, which has many health benefits

It is important to note that most of these benefits come from whiskey itself, rather than a mixed drink. Whiskey alone is a sugar-free drink, which helps to reduce cholesterol in the body. A whiskey sour or Jack and Coke, however, won’t bring the same benefits. Sugar in drinks (like a glass of wine or a cocktail) will not only raise cholesterol – it will also make your hangover worse in the morning.  Besides, good whiskey doesn’t need any sugar, so if you’re adding coke to Maverick Whiskey, please stop now.

#3 Whiskey can help reduce your risk of diabetes

The low sugar and carbohydrate content in whiskey can keep your blood sugar levels in check. You blood sugar levels won’t spike up, and if you have not eaten or exercised much during the day, your blood sugar levels may actually drop slightly. Additional studies have proven that a glass of whiskey can actually reduce your risk of diabetes.  

#2 A hot toddy is proven to help cure the common cold!

What would you prefer when you’re sick: a bowl of chicken noodle soup, or a hot toddy? Doctors agree that these two options can both help you when you have a cold or a cough. (NOTE 1 – a hot toddy is a whiskey drink with honey, lemon, and hot water. Some drinkers add in cinnamon as well.) The whiskey in hot toddies open blood vessels and helps mucus membranes to fight infection. Hot water can reduce congestion in the nose and sinuses. Honey has antibacterial qualities and provides additional antioxidants that fight infections and helps to soothe an itchy throat. Adding a little bit of lemon juice will boost Vitamin C levels. If you want to add spices, you can help to boost saliva levels and fight even more bacteria in the mouth and throat area.  We’ve written this before.

(NOTE 2 – Make sure that before or after you drink a hot toddy, you stay hydrated with a glass of water. While a hot toddy certainly has its benefits, it should be treated like a bowl of soup or a cup of tea.)

#1 Whiskey can help to improve digestion

Alcohol in general can help to curb appetite, reducing the risk of overstuffing yourself and putting your digestion system to work that it can’t handle. A glass of whiskey after a meal can help to reduce stomach pains or indigestion better than beer or wine. The higher content of alcohol stimulates pepsin, an enzyme in the stomach that breaks down proteins that you’ve eaten, and helps them continue through the digestive system.

Thirsty yet? If you are looking to adjust your drinking habits to boost your health, make the switch to Maverick Whiskey.