Don’t make your corporate event a snorefest. Team members don’t want to walk away from a party yawning and wishing they had stayed at home. If you want to boost morale, encourage participation,

How can you do that? Some really great entertainment.

A performer or entertainment gives your guests a reason to cheer, laugh, and quit the small talk for just a minute. Who knows, you might even see your team members dancing! If you can draw everyone’s attention to entertainment, your event planning team can sneak in some last minute details while no one is looking. Photographers will have better photos to share (who wants 100 pictures of people just standing around?) Event attendees will have a great conversation starter after the performance is over. It’s a win-win for your guests and the party planners alike.

But what type of entertainment should you choose for your party? Ask yourself the following questions about your corporate event and your guests before you pick:

  • What is the goal of this party?
  • What type of entertainment will keep guests entertained?
  • Is there a type of entertainment that will go well with the event theme?
  • What type of entertainment will encourage the team to act appropriately? (If you have a notorious heckler in the group, it might not be best to hire a comedian.)
  • How can you fit entertainment into your overall budget?

Keep these answers in mind as you search around for local entertainment to spice things up.

Live Band

Classic! As fun as it is to pass around the aux cord (and watch some of your older team members attempt to add songs to a playlist,) a live band has your music covered. And if you can get a great cover band, all of your guests will be singing along! Get your requests in early to make sure attendees hear all their favorite hits.

Dueling Pianos

A dueling piano band still counts as a live band, but definitely ups the class level of your corporate event. (Dueling pianos…do they play jazz?) Dueling piano bands can still do covers, but provide a more unique experience for your guests. Just make sure you have room in the venue space for both pianos!


Get the laughs going! Sit your guests down to listen to a comedian who can help everyone unwind from the pressures of corporate life. There are comedians who specialize in corporate parties and events in case you don’t want a super raunchy comedian offending your guests! (Of course, if your company is pretty laid-back and known for pushing boundaries, a raunchy comedian may be just what you need!)

Celebrity Impersonators

You can’t bring Michael Jackson to your party, but you can get the next best thing! (Bubbles?) Hire a celebrity impersonator who can make your guests laugh or even dance. Celebrity impersonators can put on a whole show or just act as the emcee of the night to keep things moving. Just don’t pull a Michael Scott and hire the wrong Ben Franklin…

Drag Queen

Alright, stay with us now. If your team members get stiff and grumbly about the idea of men who dress up as women, maybe you’ve got to do some team building and loosen up a little bit. A lot of drag queens double as celebrity impersonators, and if anyone knows how to get a party started, it’s a man in a wig. Drag queens combine celebrity impersonation, dancing to the hits, and bring out the laughs (in a good way!) Reserve this entertainment to really liven up the party and get your team to lighten up. Don’t forget to give your team some dollars to tip the queens!


Turn the spotlight on your team members and get them to provide the entertainment. Hypnotists are a great way to see who on your team is willing to let go and show their true selves to your event attendees! Hypnotists can be hired to put on a show that asks members of the audience to do silly and even cringe-worthy tasks. It certainly makes for great photos!


Magicians aren’t just for your niece’s birthday party! A magician can make your team members disappear, and doesn’t that just sound great? Magicians can also be the main event of your corporate event or share the bill with other performers (hypnotists, circus performers, etc.)

Card Dealers

Okay, so a blackjack dealer isn’t going to entertain an entire room of people at once. But if you can grab a bunch of card dealers to set up the best casino-themed party yet, your guests will get the feeling that they’re really in Vegas (or Atlantic City, or wherever they feel like gambling.) Hiring a group of card dealers also relieves your team of the job of learning how to deal; everyone can join in the fun!

Roast Master

Some corporate events are perfect for celebrating all of your team’s achievements. Others are better for keeping your team humble. Hire a roast master for your event and give them the task of saying all the things your team doesn’t want to take the heat for. If you want to get your team members in on the fun, ask them to prepare a few words onstage and let the roast master be the emcee of the show.

Circus Performers

Cirque du Soleil tickets are expensive. Save your team a trip to Vegas and bring the circus to your corporate party! A collection of circus performers can keep your guests guessing and give everyone something to talk about after the performance is over.

Holding a Corporate Party in San Antonio? We’ve Got You Covered.

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