A corporate event is a great way to boost morale among your team or network with industry professionals. Planning an event requires weeks of time, hiring staff, and working out every last detail of the night. Follow these 10 tips to ensure that the night runs smoothly and your team is prepared to give each guests a night to remember.

Get All of the Information, Including Budget and Overall Goals

Before you make any big plans or choose a date, collect all of the necessary information related to the event. Find the answers to the following questions:

  • Why is the event being held? What are the goals of the event?
  • What is the ideal “vibe” of the event? (Laid-back, professional, relaxed, etc.)
  • What is the overall budget for the event?
  • What time will the event be held, and for how long?
  • How many people will ideally be in attendance?
  • What have guests enjoyed about similar events, and what would they like to see at this event?

Having concrete goals and details in mind before planning will help you avoid any issues with the venue, the menu, etc. Budgeting is especially important; if you run out of funds before the event is fully decorated or entertainment is booked, the event will feel unfinished.

Have a Team or Committee To Help Organize the Event

Corporate events, especially large-scale events, may be overwhelming for one person to plan. Two heads (or three heads or four heads) are better than one! Recruit a team of peers, or hire a professional event planner, to help plan the event. A larger group can bring in fresh ideas for events and can run the event in case the leader falls ill or cannot work the event.

Pick a Date At Least Two Months in Advance

The wrong date can severely affect attendance on any event, but especially a corporate event. Before you settle on a date, consider anything that might be happening around that time. Are there any school holidays during that time? How will the weather affect transportation and attire? Are there any conflicting events or big games that might cause an issue for guests? Will surrounding holidays affect dietary restrictions?

Once you have found a date with a limited amount of conflicts, send out invitations. Give guests at least two months to put the date on their calendar.

Make Your Corporate Event Inclusive

Consider each guest and their partners or anyone that they might bring to the event, including:

  • Guests with different dietary restrictions or food allergies
  • Guests who are wheelchair-bound or have limited mobility
  • Guests who are Deaf or hard of hearing

Hiring an interpreter or offering vegan options will make each guest feel as though they are welcomed and important. A small effort can go a long way, and will certainly be noticed by guests who may normally be an afterthought.  

(Although, admittedly, we’re not terribly concerned with the vegans…)

Pick a Unique Venue

Give guests a night they will remember forever by choosing a venue that will make them say, “wow.” Take a tour of multiple venues before you decide on one for the night. Look at how many people they will be able to hold and what services they provide for corporate events. Where will guests park? Where can guests take photographs of the night? Does the venue offer anything unique?

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Consider Hiring A Motivational Speaker

What are the goals of your corporate event? To celebrate the hard work you’ve done this quarter? To motivate employees for the upcoming year? To introduce a new product or merger? When you are considering the goals of the event, invite speakers or entertainment that will help guests reach that goal.

If you are choosing a unique venue, you may want to hire a speaker that will give guests information on the venue. Corporate events at breweries and distilleries, for example, should have an expert on hand to tell guests about the drinks at the venue. Onsite experts will help guests fully interact with the space and make the most out of a unique experience.  

Remind Guests A Week in Advance

If you are sending out invitations six to eight weeks in advance, the actual date of the event may be lost or forgotten. Send out a reminder to everyone who has RSVP’d for the event a week in advance with last minute details about parking, transportation, or other details. Use this reminder as a way for guests to get excited about the event.

If you have a less formal group, creating a Facebook event can help guests remember the event. Facebook sets up reminders the week and day of the event, and shows who will be in attendance. (Events can also be made closed or private to keep the information among invited guests.)

Have a Plan B

What can go wrong…sometimes does go wrong. Have a backup plan in case of weather emergencies, last-minute cancellations, or other trainwrecks that could derail the evening. These backup plans don’t have to be elaborate, but should be communicated and accessible to any staff that are working to plan the event.

Everyone Loves a Souvenir!

Welcome gifts and party favors allow guests to take the night home with them. They’ll remember the night every time they see it. Souvenirs don’t have to be big; a shot glass or a succulent will do. If you rent a photo booth or allow guests to take home decorations from the night, you can make souvenirs a part of the overall decor and save some cash.

Ask For Feedback After the Event

Do you frequently plan corporate events? Make each event better and better by asking for feedback. Send out surveys during the following week asking about the venue, food, activities, and the overall night. Ask what they would like to see in the next corporate event, and how you can improve from the current event.

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