115 Broadway

Before it was a premiere event space and distillery, 115 Broadway was Lockwood National Bank.
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Originally the land for what is now the home of Maverick Distilling sat at the corner of the Maverick family homestead, just steps from the Alamo.

As the city of San Antonio developed and grew so did the commercial trades and in 1865, the Lockwood National Bank was formed.  As the bank’s business increased rapidly it moved several times, eventually finding a permanent home at 115 Broadway. The new bank building was opened to the public with great pomp and circumstance in July of 1918.

Hoggson Brothers of New York and Chicago was the architect firm behind the building design and calculated architect E.E. Dimon was the project’s construction supervisor who pulled in modern Greek architectural construction for the design.

A who’s who of the building and architectural trade participated in the design and construction of the building.

Noted for its dignity and beauty, journalists boasted that the new Lockwood National Bank building conformed to the most modern ideas in bank architecture, a “Greek temple of commerce” as tribute to its classic and pure Greek-Doric style.
E.E. Dimon was known for his exactness and skill set in developing banks. The Lockwood National Bank project was the tenth bank he over saw for Hoggson Brothers and arguably the most prestigious with its Hellenistic design.
Hoggson Brother’s prided themselves on using local craftsmen whenever possible in their design and building work and the Lockwood National Bank project was no exception.  Ads continuously ran in the local paper for virtually every job.

Coffered ceilings and a unique atrium skylight added to the list of distinctive features that drew visitors to the building. A sign of the times, “special accommodations for ladies” were made. This room was decorated in “soothing tones” and provided a private area for women to conduct their banking transactions.

The original vault was transported from New York via ox cart. A transportation feat to bring the latest in security technology to the patrons of San Antonio. No expense was spared to protect the bank’s customer’s assets. Look for pieces of the vault on your visit to Maverick Distilling! For additional security, there was “a six-shooter in every teller’s drawer and a double-barreled shotgun behind the railing as protection against holdups.”

The bank also served as a mint and printed $1,137,250 dollars worth of national currency over it’s 43 year printing period. A who’s who of the building and architectural trade participated in the design and construction of the building.

Rendering of the Lockwood National Bank upon it’s opening. The classic facade and south facing windows remain today at Maverick Distilling.

Original, hand painted architectural plan by Hoggson Brothers, dated June 1930. Noble Foster Hoggson, Sr. partnered with his brother William J. Hoggson to establish Hoggson Brothers.

The firm was renown for their bank buildings.

Marble and iron carefully selected to enhance the architectural features of the building graced the floors and walls in the public spaces. Today the twenty seven foot windows continue to bathe the building with light, as the Maverick Distilling team work diligently to bring back the great beauty of this majestic building.

As ownership changed hands a third floor was added around 1933.  That space will soon be Maverick Distilling’s private event space.

Other notable tenants of 115 Broadway included a group in 1939 who lead a recall effort of Mayor Maury Maverick, a relative of the current Maverick ownership.

The building was also home to a medical assistant school in the 1970’s and most recently, the building was a well known Antiques Mall where locals and tourists alike shopped for treasures.


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