85% of consumers are likely to make a purchase from a company after attending a marketing event.

With these figures in mind, the pressure is on to have the most memorable event in town. To get there, however, you have to make all the right decisions. Among these is picking the speaker of the day.

A speaker sets the tone of the day, represents a brand and draws attention to your event both on and offline.

With this in mind, how do you go about this process and find a speaker that fits the bill?

With these tips, you are well on your way to booking the best speakers for your industry event.

1. Consider Your Budget

Have a figure in mind regarding what you are willing to pay your speaker. However, keep in mind that having a huge budget for a speaker does not necessarily guarantee you the best speaker.

Event planners with a small budget at times offset the speaker’s fee with exposure. Typically, the speakers that take up such a plan are usually fairly new to the industry and are trying to establish themselves.

There is no harm in this, as long as they can deliver.

For well-known speakers, you will have to dig deeper in your pockets. However, you do not have to pay the maximum on your speaker’s budget.

At times, your event could do with more impressive drinks, extra desserts or even more or better entertainment.

Remember too, that while celebrities have a name, they might be a snooze when it comes to speaking off-script. Aside from this, they will cost you a pretty penny.
The key is to vet each person individually.

2. Look into Ted Talks Speakers

If you have never watched Ted Talks, this is the time. The show features charismatic and engaging speakers from all over the world.

The speakers on this platform come from different nationalities, ages, and professions. This variety can allow you to pick someone that best fits your event’s theme, which is an added plus.

The beauty about going this route is that any speaker you see on the platform is tried and tested and is bound to be outstanding at your event.

Once you identify one or two speakers you particularly like, Do a bit of digging to see what comes up online. As a rule, you will want to avoid anyone with negative publicity.

You will also want to visit the TED talks website. From here, go to the speaker whose profiles you want to view.

You will see their twitter handles at the top of their profiles. You can then reach out to them via the social media platform.

Some events call for a well-known personality. In this instance, check out the following your speaker of choice has on social media and the kind of engagement they generate.

If they generate little interest online and are not well known offline, do not engage them.

3. Ask for References to Find a Speaker

When you settle on a few possible speakers, ask for references.

This is only required if you are finding a speaker independently and not through a speakers bureau. Bureaus will have a list of good speakers that they can recommend.

Seek to know how they handle themselves before, during and after the speech.
Some specifics to ask for include whether they research their audience and how well they interact with the attendants.

Granted, their part in your event will be the speech, but some great speakers also have a strong work ethic and strive to go the extra mile.

This can be gauged by speakers who stick around to mingle and engage with the audience after their bit is done.

4. Flexibility

If you go for a high profile speaker, chances are they have lots of people knocking at their door.

Approach the process with some flexibility in this case. If you have not put down and communicated a date for the event, consider changing dates or time.

You need to pick a time that will be favorable to the speaker. This will give them ample time to prepare for your event.

Flexibility goes both ways, however. Even as you try to fit into your speaker’s schedule, a speaker should also show some flexibility and some consideration for you.

Steer clear of speakers that have unreasonable demands, are tardy or seem disinterested.

5. Keep Your Audience in Mind

Simply put, you’re choosing a speaker for your audience not for yourself. This might mean foregoing your favorite speaker for the larger goal.

So who is your audience? If it’s a professional group, who would they mesh better with, an insider or an outsider?

Most times, insiders have a common ground, are experts and might have lower fees for the opportunity to showcase their expertise.

However, ensure to be clear that you want this platform to be used to share useful content, not as an advertising platform for the speaker.

Similarly, check from their client base if they have handled events in your industry.

Whether you go with an insider or outsider, they have to deliver unique content, while being engaging, charismatic and interactive.

6. Get Referrals from Sponsors

Your sponsors may have gone through this process countless times and can be able to give you names of a few solid speakers. They can also give you the speaker’s on-stage personality and work ethic.

Some highly sought after speakers can also be hard to reach. Going through a sponsor that has worked with them before can be useful in reaching them for a booking.

Book Them

It takes time and effort to find a speaker, but remember that once you find a great fit, you can use them for multiple events. In time, this will save you the time and money in doing the leg work.

With the speaker down, now let’s get on the venue. Do you want an exquisite, unique and memorable venue to hold your event? Maverick Whiskey knows just the place. Contact us today and let us impress you.