Whiskey is a spirit many Americans love to imbibe, especially when it comes to those long, hot summer days. While you can drink it as a shot or on the rocks, it may be time for you to branch out and try something new.

The great thing about whiskey is you can mix it into cocktails so it’s more enjoyable for a crowd. So whether you’re drinking alone or hosting a party, it’s time to learn some cocktail recipes. Below are 8 of the best summer whiskey cocktails you have to try!

1. Whiskey Sour

This one’s a classic, so it’s pretty much mandatory that you have to know this cocktail. If you’re going to be a makeshift bartender for the day, you’ll bet on at least one person “ordering” this at your party.

For a whiskey sour, you’ll need bourbon, lemon juice, and simple syrup. The ratios of each are 2, 1, and 1/2. Some recipes also call for 1/2 part egg white, but if that’s not your thing (or you don’t eat/drink dairy), you can leave it out.

To put together this cocktail, just put everything into a shaker with ice. Shake well for 30 seconds and pour the resulting cocktail into a glass. Finish it off with either a cherry on top or an orange slice on the rim.

2. The Blinker

This cocktail is very simple to make. It’s even easier than making a whiskey sour! It also has quite a history like the whiskey sour; it dates back to 1934.

The ingredients you’ll need for the Blinker is rye whiskey, grapefruit juice, and raspberry syrup. The ratios are 2, 1, and 1/8.

Put everything into a shaker with some ice and shake for 30 seconds. Put the cocktail into a glass, and garnish with a slice of grapefruit on the rim.

The Blinker’s use of grapefruit in the cocktail makes it one of the best drinks to have when you’re suffering under the hot sun. The next time you feel beat, make yourself one of these to refresh yourself!

3. Whiskey Jam

This one sounds a bit weird, and perhaps it is, but hear us out. At least give it a try before you write it off!

The ingredients you’ll need are whiskey, lemon juice, and any type of jam. The ratios are 2 to 1, and just 2 small spoonfuls of the jam.

Put the jam into your shaker and press it against the walls. Add in everything else with ice, and shake for 30 seconds.

Pour the drink into your glass, and you can garnish with either a slice of lemon or a sprig of rosemary. You can choose practically anything to garnish your glass with for this cocktail.

4. Cameron’s Kick

Looking for something a bit more exotic? Then try this cocktail!

You’ll need Scotch whiskey, Irish whiskey, lemon juice, and orgeat (it’s a liquid made from almonds, sugar, and either orange or rose water). The ratios are 2, 2, 1, and 1.

Pour all the ingredients into your shaker with ice, and shake for 30 seconds. Then pour it out and serve!

5. Mint Julep

This is a cocktail often associated to the Kentucky Derby, so if you’re watching some horse races, serve these babies up! It’s super refreshing on a hot day, even if you’re just sitting inside watching the TV.

The ingredients are bourbon, simple syrup, and sprigs of mint. You can make the simple syrup by mixing together equal parts of sugar and water. The ratios for the ingredients are 2 to 1.

Refrigerate your simple syrup for a few hours with some mint to infuse it. Once that’s done, just mix together the bourbon with the simple syrup.

For an extra-chilled drink, add crushed ice. Then, garnish with a sprig of mint.

6. Kentucky Buck

If you like drinking craft cocktails, this one will please you. It has the elements of one, which will give it a more elevated taste.

You’ll need bourbon, lemon juice, simple syrup, Angostura bitters, a strawberry, and ginger beer. The ratios for the first 3 ingredients are 2 2/3, 1, and 1. You’ll need 2 dashes of the Angostura bitters and prep by slicing the strawberry.

Put the strawberry, simple syrup, and lemon juice in the shaker and press the ingredients against the wall. Add everything else (but the ginger beer), plus ice.

Shake for 30 seconds and pour the drink into a glass with ice. Top it off with ginger beer and add a strawberry as garnish.

7. Peach Bourbon Smash

This one’s a bit more complicated than the other recipes since you have to make the peach simple syrup on your own. To do so, boil equal parts water and sugar, throw in some peaches, and crush them when it boils again. Then, steep it for 30 minutes and let it cool.

For the recipe, you’ll need bourbon, peach simple syrup, and lemon juice. The ratios are 2, 1, and 1. You’ll also need a few slices of peach and some mint leaves.

Take a few peach slices and mint, put it into your shaker, and press them against the walls. Pour everything else in with ice and shake for 30 seconds. Pour the cocktail into your glass and garnish it with a few peach slices and mint.

8. Gold Rush

If you like your cocktails sweet and plain, then the Gold Rush may be the perfect fit for you. This is another simple cocktail recipe that tastes amazing!

For this recipe, you’ll need bourbon, lemon juice, and honey syrup. The ratios of each ingredient are 2 2/3, 1, and 1. If you don’t have honey syrup, just mix together equal parts honey and water.

Put everything into your shaker with ice, and shake for 30 seconds. Pour the cocktail into your glass and garnish it with a lemon slice for the finishing touch.

Relax and Sip on Summer Whiskey Cocktails

With the recipes for these summer whiskey cocktails under your belt, you’ll impress your family and friends at the next gathering. It’s not hard to whip up something delicious, plus your loved ones will be impressed!

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