Have you ever heard anyone say they don’t like brunch? Seriously, it’s the meal that gives you the best of both worlds. The place where sweet and savory options come together to make your dreams come true. When else can you order a Monte Cristo with a side of scrambled eggs, and a stack of pancakes? If you ever hear someone say they don’t like brunch, you run, run away as fast as you can… to the best brunch in Downtown San Antonio, which is of course, at Maverick Whiskey every Sunday from 10am-3pm.

Maverick Whiskey is excited to unveil their new brunch menu featuring everything you could want in a brunch with a South Texas personality. 


That famous meal before the meal, appetizers can set the mood for the remainder of the brunch. But be careful, overindulging in the appetizers can render you defeated before the brunch even gets started. Luckily, Maverick Whiskey has apps that won’t leave you in a food coma, but rather give your taste buds a nice warm up before the main event.

Honey, yogurt, fresh berries, granola, mint

Biscuits and Gravy:
House buttermilk biscuits, sausage gravy, chives

Gravlax Toast:
House cured salmon, capers, shallots, cream cheese, toasted sourdough



Remember all that talk about the perfect combination of sweet and savory options? For those who are feeling that lunch vibe, or maybe just looking for something they can eat with their hands. Enter Maverick Whiskey’s Brunch Sandwiches.

Applewood bacon, lettuce, tomato, aioli

Monte Cristo:
House tasso ham, pepper jack cheese, french toast, powdered sugar, berry preserve

Smoked Redfish Melt:
Smoked gulf redfish, smoked cheddar, bacon, tomato, lemon aioli, toasted sourdough

Breakfast Burger:
Bricket/Chuck/Short rib patty, dijonnaise, bacon jam, mixed greens, tomato pickle, over medium egg

Biscuit Benedicts

Is it really a brunch menu if eggs benedict isn’t on it? There’s something about the way the light hits those poached eggs sitting atop that biscuit that makes you want to find the chef who made them, and give em a big ol’ hug.

Maverick Benny:
Tasso ham, poached egg, buttermilk biscuit, hollandaise sauce

Crawfish Benny:
Crawfish cake, poached egg, buttermilk biscuit, hollandaise sauce

Tomato & Spinach Benny:
Grilled tomato, spinach, pickled onion, poached egg, hollandaise sauce



Woah woah woah, where’s the pancakes, the French toast, the scrambled eggs and bacon?!

Hold your horses, these plates deliver breakfast options you know and love, but with a Maverick Whiskey twist. These plates have some personality.

Steak and Eggs:
7 oz. Ribeye, eggs any style, breakfast tater tots

Spinach, heirloom tomato, shallots, feta cheese

Ranchero Shrimp and Grits:
Smoked cheddar grits, ranchero sauce, poached egg

Huevo Ranchero:
Over easy eggs, ranchero sauce, bacon, sausage, tortillas

Sam’s Breakfast:
Eggs any style, bacon, tasso ham, sausage, biscuits, greens

Captain Crunch Chicken and Waffles:
Captain Crunch breaded chicken, crispy waffles, sausage gravy

Challah Freedom Toast:
Challah bread, Mixed fresh berries, berry compote, whiskey whipped cream

Bacon pecan pancakes:
Buttermilk pancakes, pecan pie filling, crispy bacon, whiskey whipped cream

Barbacoa tacos:
Shredded braised beef, flour tortillas, pico de gallo, house salsa, breakfast tater tots


This unique brunch experience can only be found at Maverick Whiskey and can be enjoyed Sundays from 10am-3pm, with or without a reservation. Though reservations are encouraged and can be made here.


Now that the secret is about our new brunch it’s up to you to spread the word. Only you can save your family, friends and loved ones from the same old boring, basic brunch menu. So the next time you find yourself in charge of picking the brunch spot, give them something unexpected, a brunch they’ll actually enjoy. Give them the best brunch in Downtown San Antonio, only at Maverick Whiskey.