Finding a good woman is kind of like finding your new favorite drink. Lots of choices, but figuring out what’s underneath the surface can be a gamble. If you’re stuck, we’ve got a hint for both of your searches: whiskey.

You want a woman to age like a fine wine, but the woman of your dreams tonight is more like a smooth sip of your favorite whiskey. Take a look around the bar tonight. There’s nothing wrong with a girl enjoying a nice cold beer or a fruity cocktail, but keep a lookout for the women sipping on whiskey. Before you get the cojones to go up to her and whip out your worst pickup line, you’ll know she’s the woman of your dreams. A whiskey girl is every man’s dream.

Here’s why.

She’s A Badass…

It takes some guts to break from the mold and order a glass of whiskey at the bar. While all of her friends are guzzling a white wine or the house vodka, she’s chosen a badass drink for a badass woman. This is a girl who’s gotten thrown around in a mosh pit, went skydiving, traveled the world, and can last for a good while on a mechanical bull.

Ask her about the craziest night she’s had this year. She’ll have a great story that will blow your socks off.

…But She’s Still Sophisticated.

Anyone can order a beer. It takes a true whiskey lover to know how to drink whiskey the right way. If you’re going to approach her and treat her to a whiskey, you better not come around with a red Solo cup or a sugary chaser to mix the drink with. She drinks her whiskey the way it was meant to be enjoyed, and knows all of the time and care that goes into every whiskey bottle. Ask her if she’s been to a distillery (or if she’d like to go for a date.) Whiskey girls are smart and sophisticated; leaning more about the distillation process wouldn’t be a bore.

She Knows How She Likes It.

Neat? On the rocks? With a splash of water? There’s more than one way to enjoy a glass of whiskey, but she’s got a preference and she’s going to stick with it.

Want to go out to dinner? Forget about the typical “I don’t know, where do you want to eat?” schtick. She’s got a plan and she probably already knows what she’s going to get when she orders. There’s no beating around the bush here; if she’s into you, you’ll know before you can order another drink. So take a chance on this girl.

She Doesn’t Care What People Think.

She knows what she wants, and she’s going to get it. When all of her friends are ordering a glass of wine or a vodka cranberry, she’s going to get the drink that she wants. She’s got control over her life and she knows that any judgemental stares she gets are not worth her time. You’ll find her singing and laughing the loudest no matter where you go together. This is a girl who is more considered about having fun and living her life than pleasing anyone else.

If there’s one thing for sure, Mr. Samuel Maverick would approve. If she was around in the days of Sam, she wouldn’t brand her damn cattle either.

She Does Alright on Her Own.

This is a girl who’s been through hell and has come out the other side. She knows her way around and doesn’t need help with directions. If you’re caught in traffic and can’t pick her up for a date, she’ll find her way there. When you take her to a party filled with people she doesn’t know, she won’t get nervous. She’ll be doing shots and making new friends before you even get in the door. She’s an independent woman who will be just fine no matter where you take her.

Like Tattoos?

There’s no statistics we can whip out for you in the moment, but let’s be honest. She’s got a cool tattoo somewhere, and it’s got a cool story that will make you fall in love with her all over again. Don’t see it yet? Calm down. She’s too cool to fall for an eager beaver, so let her come to you.

She Likes to Rock.

A sip of whiskey may go down smoothly, but a shot certainly has a bit of a kick. A whiskey girl has a bit of an edge. She’ll put on some Van Halen before she puts on Taylor Swift, and puts on Metallica before she puts on Katy Perry. If you need a little help wooing this whiskey girl, we’ve got a playlist of whiskey songs that you can put on a mixtape. Pretend to be a romantic with that Chris Stapleton song, and then surprise her with tickets to her favorite musician. It’s a win-win of a date.

Found Your Favorite Whiskey Girl? Give Her Some Maverick Whiskey.

Okay, so we’ve got concert tickets, whiskey-related playlists, corny pickup lines…what else do you need to win over the whiskey girl of your dreams?


But this girl is worth more than just any old bottom-shelf whiskey. If you want to show her that you are worth a date or two, treat her to a glass of Maverick Whiskey. If you want to show her . And if you’re in the San Antonio area, you’re in luck. We’ve got a distillery for a first date. Our private venue can be the perfect setting for your wedding.

Okay, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. You’ve just spotted this girl from across the bar. Those cheesy pickup lines aren’t guaranteed to work, but you’ll increase your chances with a glass of the finest Texas whiskey on the market. Try some for yourself so you can hit her with your knowledge of the love and care that goes into every glass. Then give her a taste and show her that you’re worth at least a first date.