Looking to meet the love of your life? Stop swiping left and right and start walking to a local bar. There’s only one clue you need that will tell you how to find the girl you want to date and it’s simple – find the girl that drinks whiskey.

She’s not the one throwing back sloppy shots of vodka or burping over beers. She’s also probably not the easiest person to find, but that’s the way she likes it. She may be hidden in a corner, observing the guests at the bar and enjoying a long, sweet sip of her favorite drink. Once you see that Old Fashioned glass, your search is over. You’ve found your girl.

Here’s why:

She knows how to drink.

The girl drinking whiskey isn’t falling all over herself on the dance floor or pushing everyone out of the way while she’s heading for the toilet. She knows how much time and effort goes into each bottle of whiskey, and she’s going to appreciate every sip.

She’s confident in herself.

We talk a lot on the Maverick Whiskey blog about the man on our bottles, Sam Maverick. He’s a manly guy, and whiskey definitely brings out the mustaches and the war stories. But whiskey isn’t just a gentleman’s drink, and your girl knows that. She’s confident ordering a whiskey while her friends have succumbed to cranberry and vodkas. Who cares what people think? She doesn’t.

She’s complicated, but in a good way.

Developing a love for whiskey requires an appreciation for the intricate and complicated distilling process. She can take on a complex math problem and is smart enough to take herself anywhere she wants to go. She’s the best kind of complicated. Even when she keeps you guessing, you know once thing for sure; you can figure things out over a nice glass of whiskey.

She goes all in.

Ordering a glass at whiskey isn’t for the faint of heart. If you’re going out for a drink and choose whiskey, you’re not half-assing anything. A girl who drinks whiskey is ready for a memorable night with good company and good spirits. She’s the kind of girl you want to bring to your best friend’s wedding or your fancier work parties.

She’s mature.

Why bring her to your fancy work parties? A girl who drinks whiskey isn’t going to embarrass you or whine at big events. She’s a mature woman who enjoys a mature drink. Down the road, she knows how to handle a tricky situation and approaches each day with a good head on her shoulders.

Let’s just be frank…women drinking whiskey is hot.

We’re a bit biased, because we think everything looks better with whiskey. But there is something about a woman drinking such a powerful and sophisticated drink that makes her a bit sexy.

She gives people a second chance.

Whiskey doesn’t always give a great first impression, but she knows that everything deserves a second chance. The taste of whiskey has clearly grown on her, and even if your first impression at the bar doesn’t go so well, maybe you’ll grow on her too.

So go for it. Ask her about the whiskey she’s drinking. Order two glasses of Maverick whiskey and impress her with the finer things in life. Give her some fun facts about the origin of the word “maverick” and show her why you’re the whiskey-drinking partner she’s been looking for all this time. Raise a glass to new love and good whiskey.