Texas Distillery, Maverick Whiskey, is no stranger to tough times. In fact, we wouldn’t even be here today if our namesake hadn’t cheated death numerous times over. It’s times like this where we look around and think, what would Sam Maverick do? So, that’s exactly what we did. We regrouped, changed focus, and started producing the best damn hand sanitizer we knew how.

Hand Sanitizer

It was new to us to make something we couldn’t sip (trust us, you don’t wanna drink this stuff). But with guidance from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration, and the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER), we figured it out. Our Maverick Whiskey sanitizer is being produced at 80% ABV per the WHO, FDA, and USP recommended formula. Basically this stuff kills germs, kills em good and hard.

Just don’t expect to see this stuff out on the shelves at the grocery store. What has already been produced and much of what will continue to be produced, is being donated to the City of San Antonio, as well as other first responders, hospitals, and front line workers. To be added to our donation request list, please email us at mrfey@maverickwhiskey.com.

We plan to keep this train rolling as long as we can, and to do so we need a few ingredients. So if you happen to have a surplus of yellow dent corn #2 (or better) next to your toilet paper collection, we’ll gladly take some off your hands.

Spirits For Sale

For now, our restaurant and bar will remain closed, but we will still put a drink in your hand if you let us. Heck, we’ll even throw some sanitizer in. Just purchase two of our spirit bottles or 32oz crowlers, and we will refill your sanitizer bottle (up to 4oz). Spirits and sanitizer, what more could you need at a time like this. 

Maverick Whiskey

Our house distilled spirits, including our new aged Straight Bourbon Whiskey and White Rum are available for curbside pickup. Along with our classic spirits, we are also offering house brewed beer, and bottled wine to go. Just call 210-447-7010 to place your order for pick up & we’ll meet you curbside with your order. You can also shop our Maverick merchandise at our online store.

Maverick Whiskey’s mission has always been to give back to our San Antonio community. Although this may not be how we envision it, we will continue to do so in any way possible. We will always keep this city’s best interest at heart. After all, we are in this together, and we invite you to raise a glass with us at Maverick Whiskey when we all get through this together. Cheers y’all.