Heart-throb extraordinaire Humphrey Bogart once said, “The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind.” We are here to help solve that problem heading into Valentine’s Day.

Champagne.  And More Champagne.

It goes without saying that the way to many ladies’ hearts is Champagne (your writer included.) Champagne, the drink of royalty since the 17th century has an intoxicating charm. Perhaps it is the sparkling bubbles or the curve of the champagne glass, but this classic always equates to love. The technical details of good Champagne remain consistent, there should be a constant stream of bubbles. Avoid the inevitable hangover the supermarket special 2 for 1 bottles will bring and invest in the best for this celebratory drink.

Oscar Wilde said, “The very essence of romance is uncertainty.” Well we will drink to that.  Romance is a candy flavored martini with Kahlua, Baily’s Creme de Cacao and cream. Garnished with chocolate shavings it has a wow presentation factor and a sweet taste that lingers. Beauty and a great personality? Win-win in our book!

What about the Martini?

Since we’ve broached the martini subject, the classic James Bond inspired, shaken not stirred could be the star of a column in itself. There is no other cocktail which evokes such passionate feelings as the martini. Made with gin or vodka, dry or dirty, it’s always a classic. Be warned, respect the martini. Four is never a good idea. You will probably even regret three. Two martini dates are typically perfect in our humble opinion.

The Hanky Panky is an old classic with an orange-spice-mint taste that’s hard to pin down, but addictive none the less.

How about flowers?

Have you forgotten to pick up roses for your Valentine’s date? Try a Blushing Giesha as simple, yet flirty and flowery alternative.  This TyKu liqueur, pomegranate juice and rose nectar concoction is a beautiful blush pink when properly made. While this cocktail is light on alcohol, it’s a beautiful sentiment to your someone special.

Can’t we just get margaritas?

When in doubt…The Alamo City classic, the margarita is always a good choice. Tequila, triple sec and lime juice have never been wrong.

Whiskey is still king

The anticipation of romance can weaken a man’s knees, much like a fine whiskey.   Manhatten’s, Whiskey Sours, Old Fashions, Mint Juleps, Sazerac, the possibilities with whiskey are endless. We prefer ours on ice with a splash of water. Leave room for another San Antonio classic, Maverick Whiskey (maverickwhiskey.com).  Coming to downtown San Antonio in the summer of 2018, locals will have their own distillery. Until then we will enjoy whiskey and cigars in honor of one of our city’s founders Sam Maverick.

Thoughts on beer?

Beer. Craft Beer. Drink local. Choices abound at our local favorite The Alamo Beer Company. Their ever changing menu will keep you guessing and the romance alive.

And wine?

We will leave wine to experts. With one adage – wine is said to strengthen friendship and light the flame of love. Proceed accordingly!

Here’s to moderation in all things – except love.

Cheers to you as we head into February!