If you’re looking to meet your next fling at the bar, make sure you take a look behind the bar. See the cute bartender who knows how to make a wicked cocktail? They’re not too good to be true.  They are not only true and real, but literally right in front of you.  And if they are available, then  we’d say let that bartender know your interested because it just so happens that bartenders make the best people to go out with. Here’s why:

They know how to hold a conversation

If they are a good bartender, then they’ve got practice chatting up everyone from businessmen to truck drivers.  They’ve met them all.  So meeting your friends and family will be a breeze for them.  And while most conversations at the bar are purely lip-service or one-night flirts for free drinks, the practice of conversing itself is an artform which many in the service industry have mastered, and perhaps there is no greater master of this than the bartender.  

They don’t get jealous.

Bartenders know that flirting is not only natural, but often advantageous. They  understand what it means to be human and if they see you chatting up someone else while they’re working the bar, odds are good they won’t jump to conclusions and, in fact, they will probably be proud of you for not just sitting their idle, but making the most of your time by talking to real people (and not, say, just playing on your phone!).

They’ll forgive you…and help you with your hangover.

Accidentally have too much to drink on a date?  Guaranteed that virtually any and every bartender has dealt with a patron who was way worse than you’ll ever be. Getting “a little sloppy” isn’t anything out of the ordinary for a bartender and, to boot, if anyone knows how to make a killer Bloody Mary to help you out the next day, it’s them.

Working in hospitality has its benefits.

Want to visit the newest bar or restaurant opening up in the area? A bartender probably knows someone who can get you a free drink or a table before anyone else. People who work in bars and the service industry tend to be a close-knit group and ‘in the know’ when it comes to what’s happening in town.

Need a great date idea?

They know all of the people working at all of the bars, restaurants, and hottest events in the area. You’ll never get stuck going to the same place over and over again. They’ve got the inside scoop on the biggest openings and events so you can go on tons of unique dates.

They’ve always got time for a date.

Bartenders have pretty flexible schedules. Want to grab a brunch or an early dinner? That’s fine, they tend to start work when you’re ready to hit the hay so while they still be sleeping for breakfast, most any other time of the day works. Plus, you can always slip into their work if you’re bored (you might even get a free drink out of it).  Otherwise, hello for time to go out with your friends! Dating someone who works weekends is a great way to balance out your relationships with your friends and your relationship with your significant other.

Working nights keeps you up later.

Let’s just say they have no problem with being up all night, even on their off days.

They’ll never be rude to your waiter.

Have you ever been on a date with someone who was rude to a waiter?  It’s super embarrassing. It probably won’t happen on the fist date, but eventually, everyone’s true colors come out and if snapping at someone is part of who they are, then they will eventually snap at that waitress having a bad day or overwhelmed with tables because her co-worker didn’t show up.  But not a bartender.  They have been on the other side and received their fair share of undeserved snapage, so they extend far more grace then most.  So save yourself potential embarrassment by going out with someone who knows what it’s like to work for tips.

Speaking of tips…

Bartending is a great way to make a living. A good bartender can make tips that surpasses what they would be earning in retail or other types of service industry jobs. That money doesn’t go to drinks either, because they get so many for free at the bar! And if you’re heading to a cash-only establishment? No worries. They are one of the few folks today who will have some.

They’ve got high standards.

Bartenders have seen it all, heard it all, and drank it all. When you go out with a bartender, you’re not going to get the same old beers or cheap whiskey. A bartender knows how to order the best drink, with the best liquor, for any occasion.

Got your own reason dating bartender is a great idea?  Tell us in the comments below.